Our Values

Our staff pride themselves on living the Madill Motor Group values.

Enjoyment | On Show | Teamwork | Continuous Improvement | Can Do | Respect


"When you love what you do, your passion shows through!"

Enjoyment is seeing our people reach goals, continually improve and enjoy what they do to create a positive and successful work environment.

It is about:

  • Enjoying being part of a team and celebrating the wins along the way
  • Enjoying your role, taking pride in what you do and putting that effort in – the more you put in, the more you get back
  • Playing your part to ensure we have a happy, positive environment. Life isn’t perfect so it is important to focus on what you can control and play the hand you are dealt the best you can in a positive way.
  • Acknowledging other team members when they do a good job and it can be as simple as a thank you.

On Show

"Presenting ourselves, the dealership, our brand. We are always on show!"

It is about:

  • Ensuring our people are well groomed with clean uniforms and our facilities look the best they can be
  • Being ready for our guests to give them the best possible experience
  • We take pride in what we do and actively help others

​Team Work

"Working together to achieve great things!"

Demonstrating 'Team Work' means making sure that individuals goals and needs are developed in relation to the wider goals of the team.

The way we do this is to encourage regular and effective communication across a wide variety of team members to ensure everyone is working together towards one goal.

Continuous Improvement

"Always looking for ways to better ourselves and our processes."

At Madill Motor Group we are genuinely looking to improve as individuals while looking for new ways to provide our guests with an unforgettable experience.

In the past year, our staff completed continuous learning in both internal and external training to ensure we are across the latest industry standards - be it customer service to staff management, to factory training on the latest diagnostics equipment to seminars on best practice inventory management.

Can Do

"Promote and maintain a positive outlook on approaching tasks."

A 'Can Do' attitude is all about demonstrating to you, our guest, that you are number one to us.

It means that we need to find a way to solve or rectify any problems that might arise, ensuring that our guests best interests are always at heart.

The way we do this is by taking ownership of issues or problems, and ensuring we tackle these issues with a positive and proactive approach.


"Respect for ourselves, our colleagues and our customers."

No work is solitary. No job is a one-person endeavour. We make the most of diverse perspectives turning differences into fortitude as one team.

With a fundamental respect for people, we create an environment where all feel welcome, safe and heard. Where everyone can contribute their best toward meaningful goals.